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A Better Way to Measure

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Product Name A Better Way to Measure
Item NO. 1339156
Weight 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Creation Time 2020-12-05

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While tape measures are a staple of any toolbox or carpenter's belt, the time necessary to take a measurement and mark a material each time you need to make a cut quickly adds up. The original tape measure was invented in the 1800s.  While there were some improvements made in the mid-1900s, most of the 'innovation' has focused on ergonomics.  Knowing there must be a better way to measure quickly, using modern technology with a focus on functionality, we went back to the drawing board and found a better way to extend your reach.

The M1 Caliber measuring device eliminates the need to measure and mark materials, significantly lowering your time to make cuts from your list, increasing safety by keeping everything measurement-related in a centralized location, and is hassle-free allowing you to measure even without your tape measure and marking pencil handy. The M1's simplicity, intuitiveness, and usefulness makes you wonder "how does this not exist already?"

The M1 Caliber is a fully integrated, patent-pending, measuring tool that clamps to almost any kind of saw fence and outputs measurements of materials slid underneath its wheel on a large, backlit, LCD screen. This Augmented Tool is more accurate, faster to use, and safer than traditional methods.  Its integrated clamp allows the M1 to attach to most saws and flat surfaces, dramatically increasing your saw's capability, with one click of the clamp!

High visibility interaction pointsa large backlit display, substantial buttons, and impact-resistant polycarbonate and glass-filled nylon construction ensure this device is ready for any job site and can be operated while wearing gloves.  The design has received more than 500 hours of on-the-job testing to make sure it exceeds any and all professional standards and is backed by a 1-year warranty. 

The M1 measures by sliding material underneath it.  The blade width (and resultant kerf) iautomatically added to any measurement taken with the device and can be programmed to match whatever blade you are using in a matter of seconds.  It can display both Metric and English measurements and is more accurate and has more resolution than a tape measure. The M1 can make angled cuts, beveled cuts, and, of course, straight cuts!

For a new device like the M1, we're sure everyone is thinking, "I've been using a tape measure since I started working, how can I trust a device like this?"  Well, we figured you might wonder, so we gave more than a dozen of our pre-production units to professionals, contractors, woodworkers, and tool reviewers to make sure it was a proper fit for the job (more on their way too!): 

Make repeatable, accurate cuts, quickly. The M1 is built, designed, and tested to improve your workflow.  It quickly and effortlessly clamps to most saw fences or any flat surface.  The device measures any kind of material rolled underneath it, displaying exact measurements, in both imperial (inches, feet) and metric units (centimeter, millimeters), as well as accounts for the thickness of the blade being used. One-touch of the zero button is all you need to get started and get cutting!

The M1 will measure any flat surface and any kind of building material that can be slid underneath it. In addition, it can also measure flat, but curved, surfaces such as pipes and tubes. Whether you're flying through dimensional lumber to frame out a house, cutting composite planks for a deck, or putting the finishing touches on the trim around a window, the M1 has you covered.

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